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my photo album
my first christmas
Max my adventures
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my diary
Me and my best friend Toby
This is my best friend Toby..... I love to go and visit Toby and stay with him for a few days. He woofs and woofs when he sees me which means he loves me very much. We have lots of fun running around in the garden and chasing each other in and out the kitchen door and patio door, great fun we have and when we tire ourselfs out we flop out on the sofa together as you can see xx
These are my best friends Flo, Tilly & Milly.... I love to go and visit them. Flo loves me to come and play, Tilly likes me too but Milly is not too keen and runs away. One day we will be best of friends and have lots of adventures together xx
my friend Flo
my friend Tilly
my friend Milly
my friend toby